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If you’ve ever ran into a writing service charging $100 or more an hour for essay writing services, you may wonder if it constitutes cheating. That’s a good question to ask, but the answer isn’t simple. There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of essay writers, including how many essays need to be produced. So if the essay writers are freelancers who make their living writing essays, they might not be cheating. But it’s possible they’re using a less than adequate service.

The most common complaint about essay writers who charge high prices for their writing services is that they are overcharging. They don’t always provide the original, blank document that you would require for your essay. This freelance essay service isn’t cheap, but it isn’t expensive. Most student writers can knock off fifty to one hundred dollars with this package. For some, that’s too much. But if you ask a hundred dollar writer how much they charge for a particular service, you’ll get an answer in the high five-figure range.

Other complaints about essay writing service writers center around their work. There are plenty of mediocre writers out there. And yes, there are bad apples, too. But there are also a lot of good essay writers. The best essay writers are worth their fees.

The biggest complaint about essay writing service writers centers around how hard they work. Many of these writers are older, and that means they’ve been working on this stuff for years. And that means they’re bringing a whole lot of hard work and experience to your project. Whether you get a hard-working, experience writer for your project depends upon the quality of the school the writer works at. If the school has poor academic evaluations, poor courses and a poor history of teaching, you might not get the best results from your project.

One of the best essay writing services I’ve ever used was provided to me by an acquaintance in graduate school. The writer we were working with was a young woman who came from a very poor family. She’d lost both her parents when she was young and was forced to work at odd jobs in order to make ends meet. She was studying hard and putting in long hours in order to graduate. When she got the opportunity to work for a school paper writing company, she jumped at it. She stuck to our project and finished it on time.

We were impressed with how hard she worked in compiling her final draft. She had access to a wide variety of people and topics to write about, which gave her plenty of ideas. She was able to integrate various aspects of her academic experience into her essay, resulting in a well-rounded project that held together effectively and was also written in a manner in which she was academically sound.

Writers are often tasked to do research on certain topics. Some writers are assigned to write scientific papers, for example. There’s nothing wrong with this per se. But sometimes people are given essays to write about things that they know very little about. And although the topic is interesting, often it can be difficult for a nonacademic like a college student to understand the technical details of a scientific experiment. And even for a professional such as a software engineer, a complicated scientific experiment can be tough to understand.

This is why it’s important for essay writers to understand the distinction between the different kinds of writing. Different kinds of writing call for different skill sets. An academic writer needs to be able to use wordsmiths and cite sources correctly, whereas a writing specialist may want to focus more on technical writing and cite only primary sources. It’s also important for writers to consult with their clients, as only a writer who understands what she or he is writing about will have a good idea of how to structure a good essay. And, of course, in order to get hired by a reputable agency, a writer must always meet deadlines.


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